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Old Louis Lot or mo...
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Louis Lot or Brannen? Watch the video below. Which one do you prefer? Poll is created on Nov 09, 2021


Old Louis Lot or modern Brannen?

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Yulia Berry
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Take a poll and leave us a comment on why you made your choice


Screenshot 20211109 110212 YouTube


Flutist Lance Suzuki has been consistently praised for his “gorgeous flute tone” (NY Times) and his “captivating” (NY Concert Review) and “mesmerizing” (NY Classical Review) performances. He has performed as a chamber musician and soloist at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Marlboro and Bard Festivals, and live on NPR’s Performance Today.


Yulia Berry, Founder and Director of The Babel Flute

Founder and Director of The Babel Flute
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Watching that video, I prefer the sound of Brannen.

Of corse, I should play these flutes to give a more right answer. The question is not just which sound is better, but also which flute I feel better to play on.

Onorio Zaralli, Founder and Director of The Babel Flute

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Louis Lot for me. Deeper and more interesting, classy sound.

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One issue that effects your tuning comments is that the Lot is not not meant to be played at as high a pitch as the Brannen. It was scaled, most likely between A=435-438. When you stretch that to play at 440 or 442. You seem to be at 440 but notes that are a bit out from equal temperament on the Lot are usually a bit high, rather than a bit low, except of course the low register which will be somewhat flat at your playing pitch. It looks like you have the head pretty much pushed in, which is generally not going to be the best in tune position for a flute like this. My other comment is that the Lot really shines in the high register, producing a sweeter sound and a better defined pitch than I hear from the Brannen. In contrast to that, the Brannen has a bigger low register than the Lot. That is typical in comparing any 19thC flute to a modern flute. Nice demo!

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