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G.Ph.Telemann, 12 F...
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G.Ph.Telemann, 12 Fantasias for solo flute

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Yulia Berry
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The newly released album recorded by Onorio Zaralli on the rare Claude Laurent crystal flute (1847) is now available for an instant download - exclusively at the Babel Flute!


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Yulia Berry, Founder and Director of The Babel Flute

Founder and Director of The Babel Flute
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It is an unique experience to play on this rare and amazing flute. 

The mouth hole is more little than usual hole and the sound requires a bigger "appoggio".

Claude Laurent made several crystal flutes, some of them according to the "old" models. This one is a Boehme flute, but the G sharp key is made as the Dorus model, so different then the same on the modern flutes.

The sound of this flute is particular, so far from to the sound of a metal or a wooden flute. I love to call it a "moon sound".

Onorio Zaralli, Founder and Director of The Babel Flute

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