Dear flutists, our goal is set very high! We want to bring all flutists from all continents together! We want it to be a great community where everyone will find a good place, where all flutists can share experience and knowledge, where we can encourage and support each other, and where we can simply show love to our beautiful instrument – flute!

We have worked very hard to build this incredible platform and keep it running smoothly. We constantly donate our funds, time and skills to make this project free for all flutists and available worldwide. However, as you might have guessed, it is an expensive project. We have to pay many monthly and annual fees along the way and purchase various plugins (to be renewed annually) to enhance its services and security.

If you wish to contribute into this project and support the development of The Babel Flute, its services and security, please, consider donating. Any amount will be appreciated and every dollar will be invested into the platform.

By supporting this project, you are investing into building a strong and happy World Flute Community.