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The Babel Suite by Onorio Zaralli


Flute quartet. Instant download of the scrore and all parts.

The Babel Suite was written by Onorio Zaralli to celebrate the anniversary of the first year of the Babel Flute!


For 4 flutes. Instant download.

Listen to the computer generated audio sample:


The Babel suite begins with disharmony. The voices of the flutes go through individual paths of development, sometimes arguing and disagreeing with each other, but merge in perfect harmony at the end of the suite. It symbolizes the triumph of unity while remaining unique.

The idea of ​​the suite reflects the idea of ​​the Babel Flute to turn the history of the Tower of Babel around, calling instead of disunity, rejection and misunderstanding  to unite in the beautiful art of playing the flute, despite any differences, help each other and interact in harmony


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