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The Bible Flute by Onorio Zaralli


A Global Music Awards Winner “The Bible Flute” is an anthology of 21 flute solo songs inspired by the characters and themes from the Old and New Testaments.

“The Bible Flute” is a captivating anthology comprising 21 flute solo compositions inspired by characters and themes from both the Old and New Testaments. From “The Creation” to “The Apocalypse,” and including titles like “The Song of Songs,” “Salome,” “Temptations,” “Via Crucis,” this collection showcases a modern compositional style while maintaining a distance from avant-garde experimentation.

Some pieces, such as “Mary,” “David,” and “Natus,” retain traces of traditional writing, while others like “Apocalypse” and “Resurrexit” venture into a more virtuosic realm, emphasizing the flute’s technical and expressive potential.

Though the compositions are not lengthy, they offer a profound emotional journey to the listener, thanks to the flute’s enchanting and distinctive timbre, capable of conveying the complexities and emotions of the human soul.


The Bible Flute: an anthology of 21 flute solo songs inspired by the characters and themes from the Old and New Testaments.

Instant digital download of the score. WFA Edition

The Creation, The Song of Songs, Salome, Temptations, Via Crucis, The Apocalypse: those are just some of the titles that make up this very original anthology, written with a purely modern compositional style but still far from experimenting with the writing of avant-garde.
In some (Mary, David, Natus etc) traces of traditional writing remain; in others (Apocalypse, Resurrexit) the music language becomes more “virtuosic”, exalting the technical and expressive possibilities of the flute.
The pieces are not long, but they nevertheless offer a great suggestion to the listener, thanks to the magical and peculiar timbre of the flute, capable of expressing the feelings and contradictions of the human soul.

Listen to a few of the pieces from the Antology:


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