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During Spring 2022 semester, some of the school students have been working on a review essay to enter the Best Review of an Article contest promoted and sponsored by The Babel Flute International Flute Magazine.

Students-winners from Colegio Santa María Marianista, Peru


The idea belongs to Manuel Domingo Carranza Cueto, The Babel Flute Regional Director for South America!

The aim of the competition is to encourage young students and musicians to start reading and learning more about music and the flute, and to apply analysis and critical thinking to learn more about the subject!

We started with Peru!

Manuel Carranza’s students wrote a review essays on his article “Peru: music for the world

Did you know that this article is the NUMBER 1 MOST READ ARTICLE on The Babel Flute at all times, with thousands of readers?


The Magazine directors and the editorial team, after an intricate deliberation, have chosen the winners as follows:

? The First place and absolute winner is Cayetano José Tam Torres (II D)

?The Second place is Gianluca Romildo Pezzia León (II D)

?Also, honorable mentions were given to: Salvatore Solimano (II C); Santiago Lugon (II A); Ignacio Quiroga Roca (II B)

On July 18, 2022 there was the award ceremony and these 5 talented young men received winning certificates and a special prize each. Congratulations!


The Babel Flute expresses a huge thank you to the administration of Colegio Santa María Marianista for their wonderful support of the contest!

We hope that this great reading, writing and critical thinking initiative spreads out throughout the world to young students and musicians!

We will be preparing a report of the contest for the next Edition and publish the winning essays!


If you would like to involve your students in such contest, please, contact us at thebabelflute@gmail.com