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Welcome to the Big Pond: some advice for first-year college students

By Michelle Barraclough As a flute professor, the beginning of the fall college semester is an exciting time for me. I enjoy reuniting with the upper-level students and welcoming the new students. The campus environment is full of fresh experiences: meeting people who may be very different from you, living independently without a parent’s guidance, and managing time well….

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Overcoming the Starving Artist Mindset

by Anamarie Diaz, The Financial Flutist The starving artist mindset holds a lot of weight in our society. This ideal is known by artists and non-artists, but we aren’t born believing that artists struggle financially. This concept is learned and internalized by the way artists are portrayed in media and from comments that are said to us by individuals…

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5 tips for achieving greatness and staying focused

by Ebele The Flutist This year has started well for us as we have overcome the pandemic that held the world back in 2020-21. 2022 will definitely be a great year. Don’t let the problems and challenges we’ve encountered discourage you. Seek and believe that you will make it this year. Don’t forget that you must stay focused, determined…

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