Fluting Across Screens: A Recap of ‘The Babel Flute Days’ Global Flute Convention 2023

by The Babel Flute team

From September 19 to 24, the digital realm became the stage for a unique musical odyssey for the second year (Read our report in 2022)!

The Babel Flute Days” celebrated the rich history of the flute, its diverse repertoire, and the global flute community, set to take place online in the mesmerizing backdrop of Ancient Babylon.

With education and knowledge-sharing at our core, we hosted 110(!) amazing learning events on the top-notch “Web Flute Academy” course platform. A whopping 400 guests registered, setting a record for online flute events! The Babel Flute project welcomed 8 new contributors and expanded to 2 new countries during the convention, reaching a total of 82 contributors and 29 countries involved!

Here’s a recap of the extraordinary experiences that unfolded during these melodic days.

Highlights of the Event:

  1. Video Presentations: Renowned flutists and pedagogues led captivating presentations, exploring the evolution of flute music across cultures and generations, unveiling the enchanting stories behind various flute traditions.
  2. New Music & Projects: The event showcased innovative compositions and groundbreaking flute projects from around the world, fusing ancient melodies with modern creativity and pushing the boundaries of flute music.
  3. Exceptional Performances: Mesmerizing flute performances by virtuosos from diverse corners of the globe highlighted the immense versatility of the flute as an instrument, spanning classical to contemporary genres.
  4. Live Sessions: Participants engaged in live interactive sessions, providing an opportunity to connect directly with favorite flutists and fellow enthusiasts.
  5. Sponsor Exhibits: Virtual exhibitions featured flute-related products, accessories, and innovations, showcasing the latest advancements in flute technology and education resources.
  6. Games & Activities: Entertaining flute-themed games and educational activities, including quizzes and contests, provided participants with a fun and engaging experience.
  7. Community Portal: An exclusive community portal facilitated connections among flute enthusiasts, encouraging the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and the formation of lasting connections.

DAY 1 | The Babel Tower

In a groundbreaking convergence of technology and history, modern flutists worldwide virtually journeyed to Ancient Babylon for the opening events of the Global Flute Convention at the iconic Babel Tower. The convention’s inaugural day featured captivating explorations across diverse flute categories, showcasing the instrument’s rich heritage and cutting-edge possibilities.

  • Dr. Heidi Kay Begay (USA) addressed performance anxiety in her session, “Practice Away From The Flute: Self-Awareness For Performance,” offering valuable insights and a free PDF resource.
  • Italian flutist Vilma Campitelli led the “Flute Making and Repair” segment, unveiling the instrument’s versatility in contemporary music and exploring compositions that bridged cultural contexts.
  • Australian flutist and composer Keyna Wilkins presented “Making my music really mean something: Flute Collaborations with Refugees Imprisoned by the Australian Government for 9 Years Without Charge or Trial,” highlighting the power of music to address social issues.
  • Flute expert David Slomka from Argentina shared traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern innovations in the “Flute Making & Repair” sessions, covering topics such as tuning, diagnosing problems, and caring for flutes made of different materials.
  • The “Artificial Intelligence” category, presented by Yulia Berry, D.M.A. (USA), explored the intersection of technology and music, showcasing AI-generated compositions and digital sound manipulation.

DAY 2 | The Babel Bridge

  • In the live “Flute Colors Workshop” by Rogier de Pijper (Netherlands), participants delved into extended flute techniques. The workshop was both fun and practical for flute players of all skill levels, offering insights into harmonics, wind sounds, key clicks, and more.
  • In the “Ensembles and Repertoire” category, Italian composers Davide Riva and Corrado Cristaldi showcased innovative compositions, while universal Marius Herea‘s unique synthesis of classical influences and postmodern innovation left attendees spellbound.
  • Italian flutist Claudio Montafia‘s virtuosic performance of Vivaldi’s “La Tempesta di mare” transported the virtual audience to the historic Chiesa della Pietà.
  • The day’s highlights included Keyna Wilkins‘ exploration of non-Western collaboration in the “Ethnic Flutes” category, and a special “Composers and Biographies” segment featuring Enrico Sartori‘s (Italy – China) presentation on Luigi Hugues.
  • For those fascinated by flute history, Paolo Dalmoro‘s (Italy) “Introduzione al flauto romantico” provided insights into Romantic-era flutes and performance practices.

DAY 3 | The Babel Castle

  • In the Pedagogy category, Kathy Blocki (USA) presented “Great Beginnings for Teaching New Flutists.”
  • For a unique experience in the Flute Technique category, Bonnie McAlvin (USA) led a live workshop on “Multiphonics that sing,” exploring vivid harmonies and providing individual feedback.
  • Dr. Lea Pearson‘s (USA) enlightening presentation in the Pedagogy category focused on “Creating a Safe Space to Learn with Student-Centered Teaching.”
  • Dr. Cate Hummel (USA) shared valuable insights on “Practicing the Elements of Clear Articulation” in the Flute Technique category.
  • Onorio Zaralli (Italy) presented “Crafting Musical Brilliance Through Daily Training,” offering inspiration and practical knowledge in the Flute Technique category.
  • Katherine Lewis (USA) addressed inclusivity with her video presentation, “Breaking Free from Ableism: Strategies for Making Flute Accessible to All.”
  • Marco Gaudino (Italy) explored the mechanics of breath management in sound emission in his video presentation, “La gestione del fiato nell’emissione del suono | Breath management in sound emission.”
  • Keyna Wilkins (Australia) took participants on an exploration of musical creativity with “Ad Libitum: Incorporating Improvisation Games Into Flute Lessons Beginner to Advanced.” Following the session, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into intuitive improvisation with a pre-recorded “Intuitive Improvisation Workshop,” fostering a unique and personal connection with their instruments.

These presentations offered a diverse range of insights, techniques, and inclusive approaches, expanding the musical horizons of participants.

DAY 4 | The Hanging Gardens

It was an exciting day filled with interactive games and engaging quizzes, challenging participants’ knowledge and flute skills.

Throughout the event, we explored the global history of flutes, delved into advanced playing techniques, and enjoyed mesmerizing performances by renowned flutists. Building on that excitement, the 4th day brought a touch of competition and fun to the convention.

Participants engaged in a variety of games designed to test their musical ear and general knowledge of flute, flute repertoire, composers, and flute history. The quizzes were both educational and entertaining, adding a new dimension to the convention experience.

Games and quizzes offered at the Convention:

  • Flute Melody Detective: Solve the Mystery of Flute Melodies
  • Flute Fact or Fiction Frenzy?
  • Flute Legends in Focus: Can You Recognize the Maestros?
  • Composer Portrait Puzzler – Identify the composer in two distinct portraits
  • Flute Virtuoso Quest: Unmask & Match
  • Flute Facts Master: How Well Do You Know the Flute?

DAY 5 | The Babel Temple

It was a day filled with captivating events in three exciting categories: Contemporary Music, Flute Family, and Playing in Concert.

  • Virtuoso flutist Stefan Keller (Switzerland) led a unique exploration of sound manipulation in the flute family in his presentation “Effects and Loops.”
  • Keyna Wilkins showcased enchanting flute compositions in her presentation “Spirit, Stars, and Australian Birds.”
  • Rogier de Pijper highlighted the beauty of Dutch composers and their collaborations with incredible artists.
  • Dr. Jean Penny (Australia) delved into the fusion of flute and live electronics, offering an innovative approach to music composition and performance.
  • In her second presentation, Keyna Wilkins demonstrated enhancing solo flute performances with a-rhythmic loop pedaling and improvisations in “21st Century Solo Flute Recital.”

DAY 6 | A Fond Adieu to ‘The Babel Flute Days’ Virtual Extravaganza

A token of appreciation and a special gift were prepared for each participant. It was also reiterated to sign the guest book with warm wishes and download the personalized participation certificate.

It was very interesting and amazing. Thank you so much 

Antonella Caratelli


Dear Esteemed Guests, Performers, Contributors, Composers, and Sponsors,

As we reflect on the success of “The Babel Flute Days,” we extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you. Your presence, contributions, and enthusiasm made this event exceptional, creating a harmonious tapestry of cultures, ideas, and sounds.

Our gratitude extends to contributors for sharing their knowledge and artistry, performers for captivating renditions, composers for creating melodies that echoed through the ages, and sponsors for their invaluable support.

To our guests, your unwavering commitment to the flute community fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie, transcending geographic boundaries.


We extend our sincere gratitude to our exhibitors and sponsors for their invaluable support and outstanding contributions to the recently concluded Global Flute Convention!

  • Melody Bags: Participants had the opportunity to explore the fusion of music and art through Melody Bags – where their music met art on a global scale.
  • David Slomka: Attendees delved into flute repair, restoration, and Lutherie courses with David Slomka. His video exhibition provided insights into his services and workshops.
  • RealStage for Flute: The event featured RealStage for Flute as the flutist’s study companion. Attendees enjoyed high-quality piano and orchestral bases for orchestral excerpts, chamber music repertoire, warm-ups, and concertos.
  • Flute 360 Podcast with Heidi Kay Begay: The Flute 360 Podcast, hosted by Heidi Kay Begay, offered a holistic view of the modern-day flutist. It explored what it means to be a human, artist, and musicpreneur.

Once again, we express our heartfelt appreciation to these exhibitors and sponsors for enriching the Global Flute Convention with their expertise and resources.


As “The Babel Flute Days” came to an end, the connections and friendships forged during the event persist. We encourage the continuation of discussions and collaborations, ensuring the spirit of Ancient Babylon lives on through the magic of music. Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey, and we look forward to crossing paths in future endeavors that celebrate the power of music to unite and uplift.

The next Global Flute Flute Convention will be held in September 2024!