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Fluting Across Screens: A Recap of ‘The Babel Flute Days’ Global Flute Convention 2023

by The Babel Flute team From September 19 to 24, the digital realm became the stage for a unique musical odyssey for the second year (Read our report in 2022)! “The Babel Flute Days” celebrated the rich history of the flute, its diverse repertoire, and the global flute community, set to take place online in the mesmerizing backdrop of…

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The Babel Flute Days – 2023

Global Flute Convention Dear Flute Enthusiasts, We are thrilled to invite you to a unique musical journey at the Global Flute Convention, “The Babel Flute Days,” set to take place online in the mesmerizing backdrop of Ancient Babylon. From September 19 to 24, immerse yourself in a celebration of the flute’s rich history, diverse melodies, and the global flute…

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International Babel Flute Days – 2022

by Yulia Berry The Babel Flute turned exactly one year old! But what is exactly The Babel Flute? The Babel Flute is a multilingual platform where flutists from many countries share their unique research and articles with the global flute community. The platform offers instant and exceptional quality translations in over 100 languages ​​and aims to connect flute players…

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