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Флейта – просто о сложном: вибрато

Автор – Илья Дворецкий Читайте в предыдущих статьях: Основы игры на флейте. Часть 1. Постановка Основы игры на флейте. Часть 2. Дыхание. Основы игры на флейте. Часть 3. Постановка губ. Основы игры на флейте. Часть 4. Горло, полость рта и язык. Следующая часть из цикла уроков «Флейта – просто о сложном», расскажет об одном из самых важных и выразительных…

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Appoggio and the Art and Science of Bel Canto Flute Pedagogy

by Robert Cart This article introduces flutists to the imagery and physiological concepts of vocal pedagogy as presented by the great masters of bel canto singing (Lamperti, Garcia, Miller, et al), integrated with pedagogical approaches of the French school of flute playing as taught by Taffenel, Gaubert, Moyse, et al.  The bel canto principles of appoggio, portamento, and messa…

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How to benefit from Moyse’s Tone Developement Through Interpretation

by Cate Hummel At face value, Marcel Moyse’s Tone Development Through Interpretation seems like a hodgepodge of random melodies with little attribution and very little guidance as to where the melodies come from, what Moyse was trying to teach us, and little to no idea what we are supposed to be practicing. A lot of the confusion stems from…

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