About Us

We would like to introduce a new project of the Web Flute Academy. It is an original and innovative project with an interesting name: The Babel Flute (Read the FAQ page to find out what meaning it has.) The Babel Flute is an International Flute magazine and community. Our goal is bringing all flutists together!

We invite you to take a good look at our website.

So, what this would be about? First of all it is a magazine, open to the contribution of all students, flutists and researchers from all over the world. We strive to create an international community where everyone is important and there is no hierarchy. The magazine is free for publishers and readers. There are no subscriptions, no money plans. Why? Because we believe that the spirit of a great international collaboration is priceless.

So, why choose The Babel Flute? There are so many flutists who have incredible knowledge and experience, something that is truly worth of sharing with the flute community.

We already have a well-structured team to make this project happen. Now we want to invite writers, redactors and editors, because we would like to reach flutists from all five continents and offer videos and articles in their native language. We will have publications written in Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese … and a powerful multi-language feature to translate all content into 100+ languages instantly with just one click – and this is in the true spirit of Babel.

Why join our team? No doubts that we all will love meeting colleagues from every part of the world to share our experiences, to compare and grow in research. This is a great opportunity to let the world flute community know about the latest research, great flute events, new recordings and be recognized for who we are.

To participate you need to choose a category, listed at our site: there they are many of them: technique, repertoire, analysis, historical flutes, ethnic flutes, multimedia, flute maintenance and so on.

There will be 4 editions per year in June, September, December and March. The already published Zero Edition gives you an idea of the established project, with a clear structure of the categories and World Regions. Our goal is to get a team of redactors from all five continents and we think it is possible.

So, choose one of these categories and send us an email at thebabelflute@gmail.com. Your Biography and links will be included in the article and promoted on all social networks.

The Babel Flute is much more than an online magazine. Certainly, it is a community. We offer a free Forum for all flutists to open and discuss topics. We have a section on Classifieds listings and a Jobs/Collaborations Board. Also, check out our entertaining flute quizzes and games. The Calendar reminds us about the birthdays of historical flutists.

The Babel Flute is also a great platform where you could publish books, compositions, scores, and methods.

We hope you will be excited about all opportunities that this free project offers to the world flute community.

Introduction of The Babel Flute in English by Yulia Berry
Introduction of The Babel Flute in Italian by Onorio Zaralli
Introduction of The Babel Flute in Spanish by Sergio Pallottelli
Introduction of The Babel Flute in Russian by Sofia de Salis

Watch videos on our features

Articles Guidelines – in English
Articles Guidelines – in Italian
Multi-language Translation – in English
Multi-language Translation – in Italian
Jobs / Collaborations Board – in English
Articles Categories – in Italian
Forum Tutorial – in Italian