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The Babel Flute is an International Flute Magazine & Community, available in any language and created by flutists from all over the world

It offers magazine, forum, job/collaborations board, classifieds, store, calendar of historical flutists, and quizzes and games.


Since the launch of the project on March 20, 2021, over 50,000 people from 118 countries have visited the platform in just 12 months. In just 3 days after the release of IV Edition in March 2022, the site received 14,308 new users (according to Google Analytics).


The magazine is published 4 times per year: March – June – September – December. If you want to see the previous Editions, please visit the archive.

It is open to the contribution of flutists and researchers from all over the world. If you would like to publish your article, please, review the guidelines before the submission.

Why join our team of authors? No doubts that we all will love meeting colleagues from every part of the world to share our experiences, to compare and grow in research. This is a great opportunity to let the world flute community know about the latest research, great flute events, new recordings, interesting projects, and be recognized for who we are.


We strive to create an international community where everyone is important and there is no hierarchy.

We offer a free Forum for all flutists to open and discuss topics. In the Forum you can also post your events or activities. We have a section on Classifieds listings, where any flutist can post an ad, announcement or sell/buy an instrument and a Jobs/Collaborations Board, where orchestra auditions are also posted. Do not forget to check out our entertaining flute quizzes and games, which are updated with every new Edition. The Calendar reminds us about the birthdays of historical flutists.

The Babel Flute is also a great platform where you could publish books, compositions, scores, and methods. Visit the Store.

We hope you will be excited about all opportunities that this free project offers to the world flute community.

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