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Support The Babel Flute in 2023

Donation Marathon

Dear flutists!

New Year is a time for new ideas and new beginnings!

The Babel Flute magazine is still quite young, but it already has many friends, each of whom is very valuable! With your friendly support, dear colleagues, it will be possible to achieve the great goals that editors set for the magazine in the new year.

Support The Babel Flute magazine!

We are opening a donation marathon

“The Babel Flute – the future for the flute”

Support the unique and one-of-a-kind The Babel Flute magazine!

The cost of running such a sophisticated platform is very high and we need your support.

Even the smallest financial aid will serve as the basis for the creation of valuable materials that are important and meaningful for everyone who loves the flute!

In The Babel Flute 2023 editions you will find: meetings with the luminaries of the flute, new developments in pedagogy and performance, rare sheet music, informative interviews, and much more!

Your donation will help the magazine to continue to stay free for all flutists!

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Our authors are professional flutists who shared their knowlege and unique research with the world flute community because they believed in this project from the very beginning and wanted to support it. Their articles already helped and inspired many flutists and other musicians around the globe!

  • We have heard from flutists from the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia on how thankful they are for such a resource.
  • Many musicians from some parts of the globe do not have access to good teachers.To keep the platform free is crucial for them!
  • The powerful translating feature of The Babel Flute made our unique material easy to read and understand – in ANY language.
  • Many people cannot travel during the Covid era, but they can learn from our authors on a huge variety of topics. Such unique materials cannot be found anywhere else and being able to access them free and any time can help many flutists to achieve their professional goals and dreams and it means we can all change the world together to be a little better place.

For any questions reach us at thebabelflute@gmail.com