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Flute in the history of advertising

Pink Rose and Flute, Lion Coffee, Woolson Spice Co, Toledo, Ohio by Yulia Berry Advertising is a global phenomenon that has influenced how people perceive the things around them for centuries. ADVERTISING THROUGHOUT HISTORY Earliest: China, 11th-7th centuries BC. Did you know that the earliest advertisement in history, recorded in the Classic of Poetry (11th-7th centuries BC), used bamboo…

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Пан и Сиринга в мифологии и искусстве

Pan and Syrinx, Pierre Mignard, c.1686-1690. Автор: Марина Вологдина Древнегреческая легенда повествует о происхождении флейты Пана – одной из старейших разновидностей флейт. Когда бог лесов и полей, покровитель пастухов Пан, сын Гермеса, появился на свет, даже его родная мама, увидев своего младенца, пришла в ужас – столь пугающей была его внешность: рога на голове, копыта на ногах, а  тело…

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Flute in the art of Japan

by Yulia Berry The most exquisite form of art in Japan besides music is painting. It was inseparable from calligraphy, like the fine arts of China and Korea. Japanese artists developed interesting techniques that have nothing in common with Western art. The Japanese style of painting is characterized by an unusual composition and exquisite color schemes. For the masters…

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