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The Second Edition will be released on September 20, 2021! Thank you to all our authors for their incredible work in preparing the magazine! They provided unique articles and research that cannot be found anywhere else! And the instant translation feature of the website makes it easy to read in any language. Don't forget to come back on September 20 to read new articles!
Add a Vintage Flute to your Repertoire!
Edition 1 - June 2021, Flute History, North America / June 20, 2021 by Alan Weiss Many flutists have been finding value in playing and understanding traversos and simple system flutes for 18th and early 19th century compositions. Playing these instruments adds insight
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Флейта в творчестве трёх поколений Моцартов / Flute In The Works Of Three Generations of Mozarts
Edition Zero - March 2021, Editors' Choice, Europe, Flute History, Russia / March 20, 2021 Марина Вологдина / Marina Vologdina «Вечный солнечный свет в музыке – имя тебе Моцарт!» - так сказал Антон Рубинштейн о великом австрийском композиторе, чьё  имя стало синонимом гениальности. Но родись
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PERÚ, MÚSICA PARA EL MUNDO / Peru, music for the world
Central-South America, Edition 1 - June 2021, Ethnic Flutes / June 20, 2021

por Manuel Carranza Cueto Cuando se habla del Perú en cualquier parte del mundo por lo general se lo asocia

Mitologia e spiritualità
Edition 1 - June 2021, Ethnic Flutes, Italy / June 20, 2021

di Marco Felicioni Il fascino e l’importanza del flauto sono ben conosciuti e apprezzati in molte culture. È risaputo che

The dawn of the jazz flute and Alberto Socarras
Edition 1 - June 2021, Italy, Jazz Flute / June 20, 2021

by Nicola Rizzo Iniziamo oggi questo nostro viaggio alla scoperta della storia del flauto jazz, costellata da grandi successi e