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The Fourth Edition has been released on March 20, 2022! Thank you to all our authors for their incredible work in preparing the magazine! They provided unique articles and research that cannot be found anywhere else! Read the magazine in any language by using the translation feature! Don't forget to come back to read more, comment and share!

Making The Flute Sing!  How Does a Player Do This?
Australia, Edition 4 - March 2022, Flute Technique / March 20, 2022 by Eileen Gilligan It all started with the Boehm system flute and the French School of flute playing. The Boehm system made from metal and with larger tone holes enabled
How to benefit from Moyse’s Tone Developement Through Interpretation
Edition 4 - March 2022, Flute Technique, USA / March 20, 2022 by Cate Hummel At face value, Marcel Moyse’s Tone Development Through Interpretation seems like a hodgepodge of random melodies with little attribution and very little guidance as to where the
Exploring Moyse’s 24 Petites Études Melodiques
Edition 3 - December 2021, Flute Technique, North America / December 20, 2021 by Cate Hummel Marcel Moyse created an entire library of exercise and etude books over the course of his career. He admitted that he created them primarily for income in
The importance of a beautiful flute sound
Edition 3 - December 2021, Flute Technique, North America / December 20, 2021 by Alan Weiss A beautiful tone is born naturally and cultivated over time. You want to strive to always keep developing a wide palette of timbres. You can nurture and

Psicocinestesia flautistica
Edition 4 - March 2022, Italy, Physiology / March 20, 2022

Mirella Pantano Il FlautoPensiero Negli articoli precedenti mi sono soffermata sulla parte cinestetica del lavoro flautistico; vorrei in questa occasione concentrare la mia attenzione su

 I Muscoli positivi e negativi coinvolti nella produzione del suono nel flauto e negli strumenti a fiato
Edition 4 - March 2022, Italy, Physiology / March 20, 2022

di Marco Gaudino Il corretto uso dei muscoli dello strumentista nella produzione del suono nel flauto e negli strumenti a fiato è da considerarsi elemento

Секреты эффективных занятий для флейтистов. Часть 3.
Edition 4 - March 2022, Physiology, Russia / March 20, 2022

Автор - София де Салис В этой части своей методики «Эффективных занятий» я бы хотела поговорить более подробно о системе « Ключ» Хасая Алиева и дать

Helping students with tension, pain and anxiety. Part 2
Edition 3 - December 2021, North America, Physiology / December 20, 2021

by Lea Pearson In my September 2021 Babel article, I shared 3 powerful tools to help your students reduce tension, worry and pain while playing: 

Flute stopper research: where does it lead us?
Edition 4 - March 2022, Flute Making and Repair, Portugal / March 20, 2022 by Francisco Barbosa The cork stopper developed by Boehm during his intensive research between 1832 and 1847 is still used by most flute makers today. Indeed, it has evolved a
The Inventor of the Bb thumb lever on the Böhm flute: Theobald Böhm or Giulio Briccialdi?
Edition 3 - December 2021, Flute Making and Repair, Germany / December 20, 2021 by Ludwig Böhm The year 2021 marks the 140th anniversary from the death of two outstanding flutists and innovators. On this occasion, I would like to make some remarks about

Podcasting: An Entrepreneurial Opportunity for the Modern-Day Musician
Edition 4 - March 2022, Multimedia, USA / March 20, 2022

By Dr. Heidi Kay Begay Changes Within the Music Industry I have a question for you. Have you noticed how

Muse Score – programma di notazione musicale
Edition 3 - December 2021, Italy, Multimedia / December 20, 2021

di Onorio Zaralli MuseScore, accessibile all’indirizzo, è un eccellente software di notazione musicale. A nostro avviso il migliore tra

L’home recording: registrazioni di livello professionale
Edition 2 - September 2021, Italy, Multimedia / September 20, 2021

by Onorio Zaralli Fino a qualche decennio fa, se si voleva registrare un brano per flauto solo o per un

Audacity, un software per l’editing audio / Audacity, a software for audio editing
Edition 1 - June 2021, Italy, Multimedia / June 20, 2021

di Onorio Zaralli Tra i tanti programmi realizzati appositamente per l’audio editing quello che proponiamo è gratuito, semplice da usare

Иоганн Иоахим Кванц – придворный музыкант
Composers & Biographies, Edition 4 - March 2022, Editors' Choice, Flute History, Russia / March 20, 2022 Автор - Марина Вологдина ©  325 лет назад родился выдающийся флейтист Иоганн Иоахим Кванц (1697-1773), который, благодаря трудам, учёбе, странствиям, исканиям и упорству, прошёл путь от деревенской кузницы своего отца
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Король-философ с флейтой
Edition 3 - December 2021, Flute History, Russia / December 20, 2021 К 310-летию со дня рождения Фридриха II и 325-летию со дня рождения Иоганна Иоахима Кванца Марина Вологдина В давние годы детства мне посчастливилось несколько раз побывать с родителями в старинном
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La Collezione 78 rpm di Giuseppe Bartolomeo Tesoriero
Edition 2 - September 2021, Flute History, Italy / September 20, 2021 By Maurizio Bignardelli Abstract In questo testo si narra di un ritrovamento, avvenuto un po’ di anni fa sull’isola di Stromboli: una cassa di dischi d’epoca, appartenuta a una famiglia
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PERÚ, MÚSICA PARA EL MUNDO / Peru, music for the world
Central-South America, Edition 1 - June 2021, Ethnic Flutes, Peru / June 20, 2021

por Manuel Carranza Cueto Cuando se habla del Perú en cualquier parte del mundo por lo general se lo asocia

Mitologia e spiritualità
Edition 1 - June 2021, Ethnic Flutes, Italy / June 20, 2021

di Marco Felicioni Il fascino e l’importanza del flauto sono ben conosciuti e apprezzati in molte culture. È risaputo che

Storia del flauto jazz – Parte 3. Buddy Collette e Frank Wess
Edition 3 - December 2021, Italy, Jazz Flute / December 20, 2021

Di Nicola Rizzo Eccoci qui ad un nuovo appuntamento con la storia del flauto jazz. Protagonisti di oggi Buddy Collette

Wayman Carver e Harry Klee
Edition 2 - September 2021, Italy, Jazz Flute / September 20, 2021

Storia del flauto jazz - Parte seconda di Nicola Rizzo Ed eccoci ad un nuovo appuntamento del nostro viaggio alla

So you want to improvise, do you?
Edition 2 - September 2021, Jazz Flute, North America / September 20, 2021

by Bill McBirnie From the start, I can guarantee you that learning to improvise will give you a genuine opportunity