KING MIDAS in a New Genre: Storytelling Flute Theater

by Yulia Berry and Onorio Zaralli


King Midas, a prominent figure in ancient Greek mythology, is renowned for his ill-fated decisions. One memorable instance involves his wish to the god Dionysus for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Initially elated, Midas soon regretted his request.

In another myth, Midas demonstrated his poor judgment when tasked with adjudicating a musical competition between Apollo, the god of music, and a satyr, often identified as Marsyas or Pan. While Apollo played the lyre and the satyr used pan-pipes, Midas, the King of Phrygia, or in some versions, the mountain of Timolus, served as the judge. Midas audaciously declared the satyr the victor. As punishment for his flawed decisions, Apollo bestowed upon Midas the ears of an ass, symbolizing his impaired judgment and lack of discernment for all to witness.

Historical records reveal the existence of a real King Midas, known as King Mita, who reigned over the kingdom of Phrygia around 700 BC, situated in modern-day Turkey. Greek literature, with mentions from historians like Herodotus and Aristotle, vividly depicts King Midas and his wealth. Ovid, the later Roman poet, delves into King Midas’ history with rich detail and significance, weaving various stories around the myth “King Midas and the Golden Touch.” These narratives blend interpretations of historical events with mythic elements, serving both as accounts of perceived history and lessons for the audience.


During one of our weekly online meetings while working on The Babel Flute’ magazine and projects, our conversation transitioned from history to mythology, sparking a creative idea, as we recalled the iconic tales of King Midas. Spontaneously, we envisioned a trilogy chronicling the adventures of King Midas, delving into the renowned myths surrounding him.

As our discussions evolved, a unique concept emerged—to pioneer a new genre of storytelling that intertwined flute music, visual elements, and theatrical components. With our 70 years of collective teaching experience, we both understood the deep resonance of creating three musical, entertaining and educational tales.

Crucially, from the project’s inception, we aimed to blend flutists of varying levels and ages, ensuring adaptability for any flute studio.


With the foundation laid, it was time to bring our vision to life. Yulia took charge, crafting a script, producing a video, and recording a voice of her 12-year-old daughter to narrate the tale.

Upon viewing the video, Onorio seamlessly composed the music in a single sitting, and it harmoniously integrated into the narrative, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Following this, Yulia created an eye-catching poster, while simultaneously assembling a comprehensive performing package. This package encompasses a performing license, script, video backgrounds, presentations in both PowerPoint and Google Slides formats, a solo harp recording, and personalized, customizable certificates designed to recognize and reward performers.



The performing package is effortlessly adaptable, catering to both children and adults, making it versatile for a wide range of participants.

Suitable for mixed levels, ranging from beginners to advanced players, this innovative project offers a fantastic opportunity to blend diverse age groups, encouraging the active involvement of young students.

Featuring a lineup of 6 flutes complemented by a harp, this composition effortlessly adjusts to suit any number of participants. Flexibility is key – you can reduce the number of flutists or double some parts. With sections tailored for beginners and those at a low intermediate level, mixing different skill levels in one performance is seamless.

The harp part can be played on an electronic keyboard or using an included recording. Expand involvement by adding actors for main roles or opt for simplicity using an included video background or none at all.

The inclusive performing license and various tools, including customizable certificates for performers ensure a seamless and successful performance for all involved.

Whether organizing studio recitals, school events, college showcases, or concert programs, “The Ears of Regret” stands out as the ideal addition to your repertoire.

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Yulia Berry and Onorio Zaralli

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This exceptional package is the brainchild of Yulia Berry, D.M.A., an independent flutist, publisher and experienced pedagogue. The music is composed by Onorio Zaralli, a renowned flutist, composer, and innovator. Their expertise ensures that this package offers a wealth of educational value, motivating practice, and uniting flutists of all levels.