II Edition

Dear flutists,
We would like to introduce the Second Edition of The Babel Flute and thank all contributors who offered their unique research and knowledge to our flute community and made this edition very exciting!


▪︎ In this Edition we are celebrating a 30 year anniversary of Emanuel Flutes. Sofia V de Salis met with Emanuel Arista in Switzerland and took an interview for our readers.

▪︎ Marco Gaudino did a very interesting research on the aerodynamics in the production of the flute sound.

▪︎ Vilma Campitelli tells us about Ethel Smyth, a revolutionary composer of the XIX century.

▪︎ Manuel Domingo Carranza Cueto introduces us to the music of Alejandro Nunez Allauca, a neo-indigenous Peruvian composer.

▪︎ Nicola Rizzo takes us through the fascinating history of jazz.

▪︎ Aiva Elsina offers a great approach to teach young flutists.

▪︎ Ирина Некипелова talks about Ernesto Koehler, a famous Italian flutist, who was active as a teacher and a principal flutist at the Imperial Orchestra in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

▪︎ Omar Acosta Omar Acosta suggests creative excersises to enhance the flute practicing

▪︎ Lea Pearson gives a great advice on how to avoid physical injuries during studying and performing.

▪︎ Cate Hummel tells us about the legacy of Marcel Moyse teaching in the 21st century.

▪︎ Maurizio Bignardelli tells about an interesting discovery of historical recordings.

▪︎ Bill McBirnie offers his advice on improvisation

▪︎ Ludwig Böhm, the great-great-grandson of Theobald Boehm explains the reasons and advantages of the original model with an open G# key.

and all details on The 5th International Theobald Boehm Competition coming in Munich, Germany next year!

▪︎ Mirella Pantano offers an article about Psycocynestesy on the flute.

▪︎ Yulia Berry talks about deep relations between music and poetry with several video examples of the flute repertoire.

▪︎ Onorio Zaralli offers articles on Analysis (of the Prokofiev Sonata), Playing in concert, Multimedia and Quizzes and games.

Quizzes and Games

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