III Edition

Dear flutists,

We would like to present the third edition of the Babel Flute and thank all the contributors who have offered their unique research and knowledge to our flute community and made this holiday edition very exciting!

III Edition

We wish you all a wonderful Holidays and a Happy New Year!

▪︎ In this edition, we have prepared a surprise interview with András Adorján, a true international star of the flute.

Interview with András Adorján

▪︎ We are celebrating the 310th anniversary of the birth of Frederick II and the 325th anniversary of the birth of Johann Joachim Quantz! Marina Vologdina wrote an essay about the multifaceted personality of Frederick the Great and his love for the flute.

Король-философ с флейтой

▪︎ We reached out Australia! Laura Chislett provided unique information about Female Composers from Down Under and their flute compositions, written from 1900 – 1956

Female Composers from Down Under: flute works, from 1900 – 1956

▪︎ We opened a new category “Career & management”! Take the advice of Katherine Emeneth in her article “Hierarchy in the Classical Music Bubble”.

Hierarchy in the Classical Music Bubble

▪︎ Vilma Campitelli tells us about Elsa Jaqueline Barraine, a composer of the French Résistence, who fought against Nazism through music.

Elsa Jaqueline Barraine: Ritratto di una compositrice della Résistence francese

▪︎ Manuel Carranza continues to review Peruvian musical neo-indigenism on the flute and works by the great Peruvian composer Armando Guevara Ochoa. Manuel Carranza was able to recover the only surviving copy of Ochoa’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra and make an arrangement for flute and piano.

Armando Guevara Ochoa, Neo-Indigenismo musical Peruano en la flauta (II)

▪︎ We opened a new category “Artificial intelligence in music”! Arina Shvarenok shared her vision of what to expect for professional musicians in the future when technologies develop.

Искусственный интеллект и музыка

▪︎ Nicola Rizzo takes us through the fascinating history of jazz. In part 3 he tells us about Buddy Collette and Frank Wess.

Storia del flauto jazz – Parte 3. Buddy Collette e Frank Wess

▪︎ Marina Volkova shares her journey to uncover her hidden talent and develop a unique teaching method for young flutists.

Дарите надежду и верьте в чудеса!

▪︎ Francesca Cescon will tell us about Bruno Maderna, the great Italian composer of our time, who loved the flute very much and was able to demonstrate how versatile this instrument is thanks to his meeting with Severino Gazzelloni.

Bruno Maderna o Del Ritorno alla Melodia

▪︎ Ludwig Böhm, the great-great-grandson of Theobald Boehm uncovers a mystery of who was the Inventor of the Bb thumb lever on the Böhm flute: Theobald Böhm or Giulio Briccialdi?

The Inventor of the Bb thumb lever on the Böhm flute: Theobald Böhm or Giulio Briccialdi?

▪︎ Marco Gaudino analyzes the temperature of the air columns in search of a beautiful flute sound.

Aria calda e aria fredda nel flauto e negli strumenti a fiato

▪︎ Lea Pearson examines how to prevent injury by teaching students to use their whole body and offers a free mini-course, “Eliminate Pain & Anxiety in your Students”.

Helping students with tension, pain and anxiety. Part 2

▪︎ Cate Hummel explores Marcel Moyse’s 24 Petites Études Melodiques.

Exploring Moyse’s 24 Petites Études Melodiques

▪︎ Alan Weiss offers advice on the importance of a beautiful flute sound

The importance of a beautiful flute sound

▪︎ Anton Kushnir offers an overview of the impressions and results of the First  International Kyiv Flute Festival, the main media partner of which is The Babel Flute. A flute festival of this scale in Ukraine was held for the first time! We’ve also added the impressions of the festival by its guest Ludwig Böhm.

Big flute family – International Kyiv Flute Festival

▪︎ Mirella Pantano offers an article on the “Mind” technique of Psycho kinesthesia on the flute.

Tecnica”mente”: la psicocinestesia nel flauto traverso

▪︎ Yulia Berry will introduce you to the history of Dutch Golden Age and the significance of music and flute in the art of 17th century Dutch artists.

Flute in the art of the Dutch Golden Age

▪︎ Onorio Zaralli offers a detailed analysis of Allemande from the Partita in A minor by J.S.Bach.

J. S. Bach, Partita in La minore – Appunti interpretativi

His article “Amiability” discusses the relationship with the audience for the Playing in concert category.


In the Multimedia category he reviews in all details how to work with MuseScore, a music notation software.

Muse Score – programma di notazione musicale

Don’t forget to play the new flute quizzes and games created by Onorio for this issue!

Muse Score – programma di notazione musicale

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