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About Us

*In March 2024, the final 11th edition was released, celebrating the 3-year anniversary, and the founders announced the end of the project.

The Babel Flute is a multilingual platform where flutists from many countries share their unique research and articles with the global flute community.

The Babel Flute aims to connect flute players from all over the world and serve the global flute community by offering a FREE platform and magazine, publishing the latest and unique flute and music research, forum, job board, news, announcements, classifieds, and educational games.

The platform offers instant and exceptional quality translations into over 100 languages.

In just three years, The Babel Flute Project has been a catalyst for an abundance of new content and a wealth of valuable insights, all made possible thanks to The Babel Flute’ unique platform & technology and 94 contributors hailing from 30 different countries!

We urge and inspire our generous contributors to craft fresh and unique articles exclusively for The Babel Flute, articles that might not have been written or seen the light of day without our project. Our mission is to offer a distinct platform where the global flute community can freely share ideas and gain knowledge from one another.

Global Flute Convention “The Babel Flute Days

We’ve hosted “The Babel Flute Days” twice: in May 2022 and September 2023.

The Babel Flute Days 2023 attracted 400 registered guests and featured an extensive program of 110 events, solidifying its status as the largest online flute event!

The Global Flute Convention – 2023 achieved an unprecedented level of global attendance and attention, spanning a remarkable six days. This expansive online gathering featured a diverse range of offerings, including live and prerecorded sessions, virtual exhibitions, engaging games tailored for flutists, interactive polls, lively social interactions, informative newsletters, a guest book for attendees to sign, and personalized certificates of participation for each guest.


In 2023, The Babel Flute experienced an impressive year marked by a remarkable 2.27 MILLION views of its website, as per Google Analytics, bringing it to over 3.5 MILLION views in total!

The magazine and community continue to thrive, reaching and resonating with a diverse audience worldwide. Your unwavering support has created a vibrant international flute community that we are immensely proud to be a part of.

In January 2024 it got trending on Google with +124, 500% and a high engagement time – almost 9 minutes! Incredible!! These figures are indeed of significant magnitude and underscore a huge demand.

Considering our magazine’s niche focus on flute enthusiasts, these results are nothing short of astounding. They underline the tremendous enthusiasm and demand for this project within the global flute community.

Our web traffic continues to surge month after month, showcasing our limitless reach across borders.


At The Babel Flute, we are committed to making our magazine ACCESSIBLE and INCLUSIVE to everyone. We have already erased the language barriers and have now made it easier for people with low vision.

If you need to adjust the screen, font size or contrast, click on the blue icon ♿️. To return to the original screen, click the refresh circle at the bottom of the accessibility menu. The option is included in both DESKTOP and MOBILE versions and works with the TRANSLATION feature.

The Babel Flute is the ONLY platform among all flute associations, organizations, magazines and websites offering this feature.


The magazine is published 4 times per year: March – June – September – December. If you want to see the previous Editions, please visit the archive.

It is open to the contribution of flutists and researchers from all over the world. If you would like to publish your article, please, review the guidelines before the submission.

Wondering why you should become a part of our authors’ team? It’s because we all share a common passion and the chance to connect with colleagues from every corner of the globe. By joining, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange experiences, foster research growth, and contribute to the worldwide flute community.

This is your platform to showcase the latest research, highlight exciting flute events, introduce new recordings, share intriguing projects, and gain the recognition you deserve.

Join us and make your mark on the global flute stage.


Our goal is to establish a global community where each individual holds significance, and hierarchies are nonexistent. We provide an array of valuable free and premium tools accessible to both flutists and businesses, facilitating connections with fellow flutists and the promotion of their endeavors.

Crescendo: Growing Together – Flute Teacher Forum

We launched an educational project called “CRESCENDO: GROWING TOGETHER,” open to all and designed to benefit both flute teachers and students. Within the Crescendo Forum, a dedicated team of Crescendo Flute Pedagogy Specialists consistently addresses a wide range of issues, questions, ideas, and challenges encountered by flute educators and students alike.

Flute Forum

We provide a complimentary Flute Forum open to all flutists, where you can engage in discussions covering a wide array of flute-related topics. Additionally, the Forum offers a platform for you to share your upcoming events, activities, announcements, or reports of lost or stolen flutes.

By completing your Forum profile, including website and social media links, a brief bio, and your profile picture, you can effectively promote your professional accomplishments and activities, as well as connect with your audience on social platforms. We hope that our members will recognize and harness the vast potential the Forum offers to bolster their professional endeavors and personal image.


We feature a Classifieds section where both individual flutists and businesses can place ads. Whether you want to announce upcoming masterclasses, workshops, summer schools, concerts, promote your business, or buy/sell instruments, this section is the perfect platform for all your flute-related needs.

Jobs and Collaborations Board

Explore our Job Board, a hub for orchestra audition listings, flute/music-related job opportunities, and collaborative projects. If you’re looking to announce a vacancy or share information about a project, you can easily create a post directly from your account.

Flute Quizzes and Games

Don’t miss out on our engaging, animated, and educational flute quizzes and games, all available for free. We regularly update these interactive activities with each new Edition, and we’ve built up a substantial and enjoyable collection for you to explore!


Our Calendar is your reminder for the birthdays of historical flutists, complete with concise bios and reference links. In the future, we’re also exploring the option of advertising events through the Calendar. Stay tuned for updates!


The Babel Flute serves as an excellent platform for publishing books, audio recordings, compositions, scores, and methods. If you’re interested in selling your digital products through our platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Feel free to explore our Store for more information.


Subscribe to our complimentary newsletter to ensure you’re kept in the loop regarding the latest updates, new releases, featured content, services, announcements, and upcoming events.

You can also opt to receive additional notifications about work opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and updates on our Crescendo program for flute teachers.

Join the largest flute community in the world!

We trust that you’re enthusiastic about the myriad opportunities our free project extends to the global flute community. Join us as an engaged member of our community and make the most of the tools at your disposal. Your presence here brings us joy!

The Babel Flute courses

Introducing our specialized online course platform, offering content in over 100 languages. Stay tuned for upcoming courses!

Explore The Babel Flute courses now – the enrollment is open!

Lifetime access. Receive personal certificates upon completion.

  • Benefit from expert instruction.
  • Accessible in 100 languages.
  • Engage with practical quizzes.
  • Ask questions.
  • Follow a user-friendly structure.
  • Access supplemental materials.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Available from anywhere.
  • Receive personalized certificates upon completion.
  • Lifelong access to your course content.


Online course for flutists by Onorio Zaralli

38 lessons, practical exersises, tips, video lessons, quizzes, certificate of completion.

This course is the culmination of over four decades of dedicated research. It delves deep into a meticulous study that commences with an exploration of physiology, the fundamental starting point in any discussion about the flute. As we’ll discover throughout this course, the origin of sound isn’t rooted in the flute itself but is largely influenced by our own bodies.

Building upon this foundation of physiology, we progress to delve into instrumental technique, unlocking the “how” and “why” behind various articulations, including staccato, vibrato, legato, and more. To ensure a targeted approach to improvement, each aspect we explore is accompanied by a corresponding exercise.
For each aspect considered, an exercise is proposed: only this way a “specific” work plan can be completed.

Throughout the course, you’ll have the opportunity to view a series of videos, available in both Italian and English, providing direct and effective examples to enhance your understanding and skills.


Online course for musicians and music lovers by Onorio Zaralli

48 lessons, quizzes, videos, audios, pictures, stories and facts, mysteries and a Personal Certificate of Completition!

This course serves as a journey into the realm of music history, offering insights into key figures, notable works, and musical styles within the Western tradition.

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