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Flute timbre and its artistic characteristics

Emanuel Flute. Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson. Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Photo: Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson by Yulia Berry The voice of the flute, like the voice of the human who created it, can sound in different intonations: joyful and sad, enthusiastic and tragic, inspired and overwhelmingly mournful, sublime and passionate. It can express the whole gamut of human emotions and experiences. Sound,…

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Appoggio and the Art and Science of Bel Canto Flute Pedagogy

by Robert Cart This article introduces flutists to the imagery and physiological concepts of vocal pedagogy as presented by the great masters of bel canto singing (Lamperti, Garcia, Miller, et al), integrated with pedagogical approaches of the French school of flute playing as taught by Taffenel, Gaubert, Moyse, et al.  The bel canto principles of appoggio, portamento, and messa…

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