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Crafting Musical Narratives: A Flutist’s Journey into Podcasting Wisdom

By Dr. Heidi Kay Begay In the ever-evolving world of music, finding new avenues to enhance our artistry becomes both a quest and a necessity. As a modern-day flutist, my unexpected venture into podcasting has illuminated aspects of music-making, enriching my approach to expression and connection. Today, let’s explore how delving into podcasting can be a transformative ally for…

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Generating Income Through Corporate Sponsorships

By Dr. Heidi Kay Begay WHY OBTAIN SPONSORSHIPS? As a modern-day musician, I often hear of creative artists who have trouble funding their next project. Whether they are trying to find funds for their teaching or performing residencies, their online platforms, or obtaining funds for their non-profit organization – it can be overwhelming and daunting to know where to…

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