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TOP 5 strategies to trick Lazy Giovannis and Tired Suzies into playing

by Aiva Elsina Oh, teaching, TEACHING! “What a wonderful job!” I usually hear people saying when I mention my profession. Yes, we teachers have an important task to shape our students’ lives, to teach them discipline, concentration, sensibility, and many other indispensable skills. It is rewarding to see them progress with time, becoming better musicians and developing their own…

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I Edition

Dear flutists, we are introducting the First Edition of The Babel Flute, created by flutists from all over the world! Read all articles in any language with just one click on the translation button at the top of the website. 1st Edition *The music used in the video is Fantasia No.5 by G.F.Telemann, recorded by Onorio Zaralli on the…

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