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In Two Minds: Duo Menurida

New album by Australian flautist Laura Chislett and composer Edward Cowie Despite three decades apart, renowned Australian flautist Laura Chislett and composer Edward Cowie, with their instruments as extensions of thought, craft a rich tapestry of sonic colours and inventive possibilities. This profound ritual of spontaneous outpourings invites listeners on an immersive journey, experiencing the direct transmission of sensory…

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Coastline Project

Tracing a flutist’s unfolding practices and transitions  By Dr Jean Penny Winding down through the Otway Ranges in southern Victoria, Australia, through steep hills and lush rainforest, the first glimpse of the sea, whether azure blue, green or purple grey, is always stunningly beautiful. It entices one immediately into the littoral zone, to the convergences of land and sea,…

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Interview with flutist and composer Keyna Wilkins

by Laura Chislett Keyna Wilkins is a British/Australian composer-musician who was one of 3 finalists for the Australian Art Music Awards for Individual Excellence in 2018 and 2021 (APRA/AMCOS). Laura Chislett met with Keyna in Sydney, Friday 29th October, 2022 Keyna and I met up for this interview in the multi-cultural suburb of Ashfield in Sydney about one month…

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