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On the Trail of my Great-great-grandfather Theobald Böhm, Flautist, Composer, Flute Maker, 1794–1881

by Ludwig Böhm *** We are starting the publication of a series of articles by Ludwig Böhm from“Commemorative Writing on the occasion of Theobald Böhm’s 200th Birthday, Munich 1994”, gradually approaching the celebration of Theobald Böhm’s 230th birthday in 2024. My interest for Theobald Böhm’s descendants was raised in April 1970, when my father organized a family reunion. After…

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The Inventor of the Bb thumb lever on the Böhm flute: Theobald Böhm or Giulio Briccialdi?

by Ludwig Böhm The year 2021 marks the 140th anniversary from the death of two outstanding flutists and innovators. On this occasion, I would like to make some remarks about the relationship between Theobald Böhm (1794–1881) and Giulio Briccialdi (1818–1881). Besides, I want to inform about the modification of the Bb thumb lever by Briccialdi and correct the widely-held…

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